image 5Have you ever wished there were a way to fix your teeth misalignment but without metal braces? There is. It is called Invisalign.

Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Improve your smile without having to worry about your appearance. Invisalign is virtually invisible and space is convenient for everyday life.

Clear align therapy is a new technology that allows the patients to straight their teeth without bands or metal wires. Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligners(sometimes referred to as clear braces) that you change approximately every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.

Beautifully aligned, straight teeth not only give you a dazzling smile, but they also provide you with a healthy, comfortable bite.

The primary benefits of Invisalign are:

  • Invisalign is clear. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.
  • Is removable. Unlike braces, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment. You can also brush and floss normally to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Is comfortable. There are no metal brackets or wires as with braces to cause mouth irritation, and you spend less time in the dentist’s chair getting adjustments.
  • Invisalign allows you to view your own virtual treatment plan before you start so you can see how your straight teeth will look when your treatment is complete.

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